Film Sound and Music

I am an enthusiastic and hard-working sound operator, working to expand my experience and build my portfolio further in both on-set and post-production sound. I have worked on numerous projects as a freelance sound recordist, sound designer and composer, and always been prepared to put my own creative pride on the line in order to fulfill the wishes of my commissioners and clients. I have created this website to give you an overview of my work so far, and what I'm capable of as a sound recordist, composer and sound designer.

I am passionate about sound in all its forms, whether working on set as part of a sound team or solo, or studio work in sound design and composition. I have been involved in a wide variety of projects over the last four years including feature films, short films and commercial projects.


Please note that the content on this website is not my entire life's work - some of my creative work has been lost in the winds of time, however I will continually update my website with new projects I become involved in.