Road Trip - Kae Remmer

A three-minute piece created to use as an example for my work for a potential employer.

For this track I recorded the guitar with my trusty sound recorder, created the drum beats with Hydrogen (thank you for the free tech!) and put the whole thing together on Pro Tools 11, adding some effects and creating the final master.

Philippine Dreams - Kae Remmer
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This tune was created for a client who wanted to advertise the Philippines for a school project. I recorded all the music aside from the drums, which were sampled using Reason. The lyrics are thus: I've gotta tell you a story / about a place in the sun / two thousand miles away / from anyplace and anyone. // These are the tales of my Philippine dreams / the sun, the sand, the hills and the trees / if you venture there you'll know what I mean / stay a while and feel the breeze.

To Travel Is To Live - Kae Remmer
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I was commissioned to make this track by a client who wanted to advertise his travel agency over the radio. I created a short catchy tune and quickly pulled together some lyrics to get the point across in an abrupt and clear message. I was asked to sing the lyrics instead of the client finding someone else, however unfortunately I'm not the greatest singer out there!

Dick Protector - Kae Remmer
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A short theme I was commissioned to make, with the intention of being used for a superhero entitled 'Dick Protector'. Note: I cannot be held liable for my clients' life choices!

Grand Hall - Kae Remmer
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The third tune from my college project, which involved the player running through a great hall, passing all manner of machinery, shops, crowds and dungeons. Given the surroundings I tried to replicate a 'preparing for war' idea in the music, which led to the timpani drums playing triplets over the dramatic string melody. I also took inspiration from the guild in the old 'Fable' games, which led to the use of choir voices and an echoey feel to the music.

Missile Defence - Kae Remmer
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A composition I created to go with a video game created by my friend. The video game was a typical missile defence game, and my composition takes inspiration from Frank Klepacki, using recorded sounds and retro MIDI samples to create an old-style militaristic feeling which adds to the theme of the game.

Life Vision - Kae Remmer
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This track was created using Sibelius 7, for a website which dealt with confidence and success in life. I was asked to create inspirational music to go with the theme, which led to me combining gentle strings and a soothing piano line for a thoroughly inspirational feel.

Sell It To David - Kae Remmer
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Another radio advertisement commissioned to me, for which I created a short, abrupt jingle. For this one I merely sampled a short drum track using Reason and recorded a couple of short guitar lines to go with the lyrics.

Battlle Theme - Kae Remmer
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This was another tune from my college project, which involved the player battling with other characters. I tried to imagine war-like instruments and themes from other games, and most of what came to mind involved heavy use of percussion, which I implemented into this track as well as a dramatic melody on violin and cello.

Mountain Theme - Kae Remmer
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A project I created in college, the theme was video game music, and we were to write music for three different scenes. This scene involved the player travelling over icy mountains, so I tried to replicate the scene of coldness and loneliness in the music, using a sparse harpsichord line and a small melody on violin.