Breaking Arm - Kae Remmer
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I created this sound for a small project, using a concept known as 'reduced listening', where te sound of something is listened to as though it were an object in itself, analyzed using terms to describe its attributes. In this case, the terms I came up with were 'muffled', 'crunchy', and 'organic', which led me to using a carrot for the main sound, as well as a small vocalisation, all of which I recorded and mixed together in Pro Tools to create the sound of an arm breaking.

Logo Sound - Kae Remmer
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This short sound was designed for an animated logo, and is created, again, with recorded household objects which have been edited on Pro Tools. I intended to create a sci-fi sound which left a resounding effect on the listener, hence the deep 'vibration' sound at the end.

Ghost Attack - Kae Remmer
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A second sound created for a horror game, a sound which occurs when the ghost attacks. Here I attempted to create a harsh sound, but one which was not just a simple 'bang'. It builds up swiftly with a harsh screeching sound, intended to frighten the listener before they are surprised by the loud bang at the end.

A sound effect for a small dinosaur, created as part of an application for a sound design position. The sounds were a mixture of household objects and self-made noises all amalgamated into what is hopefully a convincing dinosaur noise.

Hydraulic Servo - Kae Remmer

This sound was created using household objects and was designed to simulate the sound of a 'hydraulic servo'. Given that a hydraulic servo is quite difficult to come by, I had to use my imagination in terms of what it might sound like - I visualised the escape of air and the thud of two metallic parts colliding, as well as the sound of friction between the two metallic parts as they slide over each other.

Phase Shift - Kae Remmer
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One of three sounds commissioned for a horror game - this is the sound which occurs during a 'phase shift' for the ghost in the game. It was created using recorded sounds edited on Pro Tools. This sound was designed to be sinister, but also somewhat sci-fi, due to the fact that phase shifts are a futuristic idea, and humans do not know what kind of sound they will give off. I also attempted to stick as close to the 'ghost ambience' sound as possible, to make the transition as subtle as possible while still changing the sound.

Ghost Ambience - Kae Remmer
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The third sound created for the same horror game - the ambience which lingers when the ghost is nearby. The idea was to create a sound unknown to human ears, which leaves the listener subconsciously wondering what this sound is while at the same time creating a sinister and creepy atmosphere.

A sound effect for the same application, this time for a larger dinosaur. Once again the sounds are self-made or using household objects, as well as a small clip of a horse noise.