Righteous Villains

Directed by Savvas D. Michael (Saints and Savages Productions), this is a gangster film with a twist. Religion, mythology and fantasy combine in an explosive, violent and bizarre film. This was my first film as part of a two-man sound team, working as a boom operator.


Noose, directed by Bobby Bulloch (Yehinksi Productions), is a story of a man at his wit's end, chewed up and spat out by society, he works a dead-end job and thinks only of where he can find his next fix. This is the first feature film I worked on and the only one as of yet which has been relased. It is a brilliant dark comedy, stepping boldly where few films dare to tread. I worked on this project as sound recordist.


Blod - Directed by Fraser Oxlee of North Paw Studios, a short created for the Rode Reel competition 2019. Blod is a short thriller which takes an alternate approach toward vampirism, attempting to create a visual demonstration of the period between the disease spreading and the victim becoming a vampire themselves. I worked as sound recordist for this short.

When you find out your Best mate is a male stripper

Another short comedy directed by Patrick Kondraki, focusing on another important issue - what do you do when you find out your mate is a male stripper? I worked as sound recordist on this project.

Last Request

Last Request was a short film directed by David McCarrison, whom I have worked with on a few occasions. He sent me the completed piece, with an incomplete soundtrack, which needed not only fixing and balancing, but also adding to in terms of special non-diegetic audio effects. The short film is based on the story of a young man whose father dies, and he faces an internal struggle over attending the funeral. The password for this video is 'harmonica'.

Making a Documentary

This project was created as a group with two of my classmates during my master's degree course, where we were commissioned to create a documentary. We decided a mockumentary would be the best course of action as we were all amateur film makers and why not make something we could not only enjoy but that wouldn't be a disaster if it went wrong?

I worked as co-witer, sound recordist and editor for this particular feature.

Should the World end

A project I created from scratch as the final piece for my university course. This video was recorded around my local park using a basic home video camera, the music composed using Sibelius 7 and Vienna Ensemble, the video edited using Sony Vegas HD and the sound edited using Pro Tools. The end result is a video which, using inspiration from Mick Jackson and Peter Watkins, attempts to put across the still ever-present threat of total nuclear annihilation in a way which brings the message into the home-and-family life of the common viewer.

The Fable of five brothers pt.1

The first part of a video created by my father which I used as my final college project - I created an alternate soundtrack using my knowledge of Musique Concréte, my trusty sound recorder and Pro Tools. I created a small music track using Sibelius 7 for one part of the short film. This short was created to draw attention to the constant and ever-present shadow of mental health issues over our population. I decided to use Musique Concréte as a way of portraying the confusion and lack of understanding that surrounds mental health issues today and then conflict that with soothing classical music in one section to emulate the small moments of clarity that occur when one has these kinds of issues.

Nest of vampires

Directed by Chris Sanders (Black Coppice Films), this film follows the story of an MI5 agent sent to a small village in search of the leader of a gang who took his family from him. The twist comes when this MI5 agent turns out to be no ordinary man. This feature film is currently in post-production, due to come out in the next few months. I worked as sound recordist for this production.


A short directed by Paul Barr of 'Violet Haze Productions'. This up-coming production company has produced a number of quirky and fun short films, this one based on a young seductress with a dark secret. I worked on this short as sound recordist.

There's someone in the hall - but who should get up?

A short comedy piece directed by Patrick Kondraki for BBC 'The Social'. This short focuses on the important question of who should get up in the event of a burglar in the house. I worked on this and a couple of other projects with these guys as sound recordist and always found it to be great fun.

The Beclowning

The Beclowning is a film directed by Malwina Bieniawska, and has been nominated for the 'Fake Flesh Film Festival' in Canada. It is a film whose theme is inspired by the clown theme of Halloween 2016, where the News featured people dressing up as clowns to scare others. I worked on this short as Sound Recordist and Sound Designer.

The Life of Beards

Another short directed by Malwina Bieniawska. This is a little comedy piece based on the fascination that some men have with their beards. I was approached with the finished short, however the sound throughout was broken and popping, some of the dialogue quieter than the rest and background noise was a major problem. I was tasked with cleaning up the dialogue track.

Little Pip

An animation created by a Master's Degree student for her final project, which I created the music and sound for. All the music on this piece was created using Sibelius 7, and utilised a variety of instruments from flutes to violins. The idea with this soundtrack was to create a childish, friendly theme tune which could appeal to children, as the theme of the project was a children's animation series. I created the soundscape using Pro Tools and sounds which I had recorded myself.

Book Trailer

A commissioned trailer for a book, which I created the music for by recording the guitar lines and combining them with sampled instruments from Reason. I then put the audio together on Pro Tools and added a few effects before the final mix. The result is a funky rhythmic tune which corresponds well with the saucy themes of the book!

The Fable of Five Brothers Pt.2

The second half of the previous film.